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We feel to inform you that AL Raju Enterprises is one of the organizations that fulfilled all the condition of a reliable manpower recruitment agency and have been authorised by the Government of India to Supply manpower in Middle East Countries.

INDIA is a very rich country in manpower resources. Its climate and regional conditions produce hardy, sturdy, diligent and intelligent persons who are adaptable to varying circumstances and environment. The proof lies in the fact, lacs of Indian are successfully working all over the world and in almost all fields of life, and they have proved that they are most diligent and better workers than any other part of the world.

This for this very reason that Indian workers, skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled labours are much in demand all over the world, particular in the Arab countries where huge construction work and other gigantic projects are in progress.

Among other restrictions, the Govt. authorised only those organization to supply manpower abroad who are well established, financially sound, relaible, enjoyed good reputation in the eyes of the Government and the trade.


Ours is a Govt. Approved Firm operating since 1993 in this field and having many branches throughout the country. We have been supplying manpower in almost all the fields of life to various parts of the world to the entire satisfaction of our clients. We have an efficient team of workers in our establishment who handle promptly and efficiently all the formalities relating to Visas, Emigration, Flight booking, Hotel reservation, Etc.

We have on our 1st Doctor, Engineers, Technicians, Electricians, Welders, Fitters, Air-Condition and Refrigeration experts and many other skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower and can cater to all the needs of our foreign clients by providing them the best personnel available in their respective countries. Medical Officer Authorised by Consultants or Embassies carry all the medical test etc. Of the selected candidates and ensure that all the health requirements are fulfilled.


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Approved by Govt. of India Ministry of Labour

Saudi Consulate ID Card No. 283/96/98

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